About me

Tremaine “Trew Worrell is a native New York artist who resides in Queens who always had an eye for all things Art since 5 yrs old. He would always see his mother sketching little doodles and looked on with amazement. He asked how he could ever get as good as she was and simple answer was, ” You just gotta practice.” Those words amongst others still ring through his mind like Uncle Ben’s classic quote that Peter Parker/ Spiderman lives by. His parents nurtured his love for art starting with comics and ot opened the flood gates to graffiti, Anime and many other things. Right now he is currently working as a freelance illustrator/ graphic designer with clients in the fields of fashion, comics and more, all the while fine tuning a few personal and collaborative projects with a few artistic friends.

Contact me: trew2art@gmail.com

For custom artwork or a project that you would like my talents.

Email me for pricing and rates.


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