Carribean flavors. 

Well I hope everyone near and far had a safe and enjoyable Labor day weekend. I got in the spirit of the carribean and drew a beautiful queen from where my people come from. That is the beautiful island of Barbados! I also drew a couple of profiles from the island of Jamaica and Trinidad.  Enjoy the work and have a great day. 

New artwork and upcoming project? 

First I wanna apologize for the lack. Of updates these past months. I will do my best to update my blog with new artwork, products and etc.  

I am developing a story concept that blends graffiti, magic and hip hop in what I hope is a very dope story. Part of me wanting to create my own stories other than my love for Art and it’s various forms. But I wanna share the things I love and imagine.  Well stay tuned to see some sketches and etc for this story. Project Gg. Here is some new artwork for your enjoyment.